Posted: November 8, 2007 in Cool Projects


This particular one was built for a priest in London by Architects…but I am sure that anyone creative and a little “Do it yourself” savy can make this neat Polycarbonate wall on their deck. This project is an “electronic Annunciation. An undulating screen of woven stainless steel mesh veils a continuous wall of blue polycarbonate panels held in a steel frame which is cantilevered from the building’s roof structure”. This neat design allows warm orange & yellow hues in the morning from the stainless steel as it reflects the sunlight & the natural light causes the polycarbonate to glow blue through the mesh. They even included light emiting diodes to light up the Polycarbonate like aurora borealis. Plus, sensors detecting the movement of people near the screen, translating it into an electronic shadow in the LEDs. Very Neat.

Much of the same looks can be acheived with building a frame, adding Polycarbonate sheets, LED Lights in the frame…even the Christmas lights that have built in pattern changing remotes….you could have a lot of fun with this. Polycarbonate Sheets are easy to get too…check out Redwood Plastics.

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