Replacing your wood docks with FRP Grating

Posted: August 27, 2008 in FRP Grating

Did you know that you can use Fiberglass Re-inforced Plastics for your boat docks?

Advantages: Lasts longer, looks better much longer wood starts looking bad after a few years. Concrete eventually spalls and cracks.Easier to reroute cables and plumbing, wood you have to tear apart the whole dock to do this. Concrete you cannot change if there isn’t a channel moulded into it. Minimesh you just pop a couple screws and you have access to areas you need to work on. More environmentally friendly, More areas are starting to require a see thru requirement to docks . This enables the sunlight to reach vegetation under the docks. Much harder to do with wood and concrete. Minimesh has ½” x ½” square hole open grid pattern light easily goes through to vegetation. Far more durable in Hurricane areas. Concrete cracks and breaks, Wood Breaks and splinters in both cases they have to be replaced. Minimesh takes the constant twisting of the docks in cases where the material has been blown off the panels can be reattached.





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