UHMW Boat Building Solutions

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Boat Building, Marine, UHMW
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Wood, especially Orford Cedar is becoming scarce and more expensive for boat builders and marine applications. Redwood Plastics has many solutions for the marine industry including boat ribs, non-slip decking, bearings, bushings, liners and skid shoes.

Redco™ UHMW is non-corrosive, it will not rot or rust and it is easy to machine and fabricate.

  • Reduces Wear and Protects
  • Lightweight
  • NO Rust or Corrosion

Redco FRP Grating (Prismagrate) is also available. Prismagrate is a low cost, maintenance free material for docks, ramps and decks.

  • Non-slip
  • NO Rust or Corrosion
  • Easy to Install
  • Lightweight

Redco™ UHMW Skid Plate – Boat Bottom Protection
A Redco™ UHMW Skid Plate (skid shoe) is an abrasion resistant that has outlasted steel in many applications. When attached to the bottom of wooden drift boats,  Redco™ UHMW makes your boat impervious to the abrasion of river rock and gravel bars. The skid plate is simply attached to the bottom of the boat with stainless steel screws.

Redco™ UHMW Boat Ribs – Innovative Building Materials
The perfect, low cost replacement to wood. Redco™ UHMW boat ribs will not rot or rust and have outstanding durability with a high tensile strength.


Redco FRP Grating – PRISMAGRATE Docks and Walkways
PRISMAGRATE FRP GRATING provides durability with extremely high strength and stiffness.

MINI-MESH helps to prevent small tools and other objects from dropping through to the ground beneath. Lightweight MINI-MESH panels are readily removable and allow for easy access under the installation.



CLICK HERE for other Marine Applications.

CDN: 1800-667-0999
USA: 1866-733-2684


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