FRP Paneling – A Great DIY Choice For Your Bathroom

Posted: October 26, 2012 in FRP Wall Panels
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FRP wall paneling is a popular choice in industrial applications such as hospitals, restaurants, and convenience stores. The paneling is waterproof (when properly caulked), easy to clean, and resists marking. Despite these remarkable properties, FRP wall paneling is sometimes still overlooked when it comes to consumer applications.

Many people have experienced the issues of poor ventilation in a bathroom and the resulting moisture damage. This is especially acute following a home renovation if these moisture issues are not taken into account. Redco™ FRP panels provide a shield against moisture damage and almost as important, they prevent the growth of mold. They’re also tough, shatter-resistant and easily bond to drywall. You may have seen this material already, as OEMs tend to include it with certain shower and bath products.

Working with FRP panels, like with any material, requires a few special considerations:

-The surface the paneling is being applied to must be flush, meaning no screw heads or protruding surfaces.

-Apply the joint compound properly.

-Make sure all seams are adequately caulked. Use a mold-resistant caulk.

-Use plastic rivets if drywall expansion is a concern.

-Ceiling applications require additional support.

Many resources are available online to assist you in the installation of your FRP paneling. We encourage you to look into it, and discover the remarkable properties that merit it serious consideration for your next home improvement project. Good luck!

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