FRP Grating – A Brainstorming Session

Posted: December 6, 2012 in FRP Grating
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Recently we were approached by a superintendent for an apartment complex. The metal drainage grates they had been using were rusting and noisy. He took a chance and asked us if we had a material that could help: a strong, sturdy, plastic solution for grating that could bear the weight of vehicles.

He was surprised to learn that we could! Are you as well?

The material in question is Redco™ DURAGRID®. A new addition to our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) line. DURAGRID® is an advanced cousin of the popular FRP molded grating. Redco™ DURAGRID®; however, is increasingly strengthened via a 3-piece cross-rod system utilizing a proprietary bonding method.

But that’s just the technical side of the product.

The practical side is how the grating is an improvement over metal. Rust? No problem, FRP materials can’t rust. They are weatherproof so the rain or snow will not affect it. Furthermore, the grating can be custom-made to order allowing a customer to pick the desired bar spacing to suit the application. Examples of possible applications include:

Dock grating that will not rust or corrodemini_mesh_dock2.




Patio decking that is maintenance freeclubhouse-grating.




Or even Wheelchair ramps where you never need to worry about slippery algae growth or other hazards.


That’s just a start. Now it’s your turn to brainstorm for a project, if you need help or have questions please contact us via the information below. Good luck!

CDN: 1 800 667 0999
USA: 1 866 733 2684


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