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Posted: December 13, 2012 in Acetal, plastic welding, Polycarbonate, UHMW
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Sometimes we spend so much time highlighting plastic applications, we don’t cover the basics of working with plastic. So today it’s back to the basics with some literature you might find valuable.

In general plastics are fairly easy to work with. They can be welded (though not MIG welded) and sawed though certain issues come up with a given material. Here are  a few tips:

Are you working with a glass-filled material?

While you can use to a traditional saw to cut these materials, the addition of glass will prematurely wear your saw blade unless you use diamond-tipped blades.

Acetal – Gets hot, hot, hot

When working with Acetal you must choose the highest possible cutting speed, using the sharpest possible instruments. Acetal is sensitive to heat and will deform or, at the very least, finish poorly if machined incorrectly. Don’t clamp the piece you’re working with too hard either – it will store up heat or deform the material due to pressure.

Multi_Wall_Polycarbonate_SheetingPolycarbonate – The Itch That Shouldn’t Be Scratched 

Polycarbonate is an amazing material. It has tremendous impact strength and can be used in everything from mirrors, to greenhouse applications, to safety glass. However, it scratches very easily. It should be cleaned with a very mild detergent and a soft, clean sponge or cloth.

Working with UHMW?rod-uhmw

UHMW is a bit fussy. There are a lot of little facts and tips you need to know. Please check out our UHMW fabrication link here:

Check out our website’s “hub” page for these fabrication tips and more here:

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