Lego Soap and Urethane Molds

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Cool Projects, polyurethane
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Recently we stumbled on an interesting picture of some lego that although they looked like the real thing, were actually soap.lego_soap Further investigation into the blog referenced by the picture showed that this was a home-made project that a creative mom did to impress her lego-loving kids. Furthermore, this resourceful woman used a home-made polyurethane mold to make these pieces. As you can see, the detail is so fine that they interlock! You can actually build with this stuff…And make hygiene seem cool.

lego soap 22_This application is a case where it would do a disservice to the creativity of the woman who did this to paraphrase her instructions here. We’ve shared a few pictures – but we want to give her a shout out and check out her blog where you can see detailed instructions and pictures on how to recreate this if you want.

An important note is that with the technique she shows and the properties of urethane this idea could be easily be adapted to create a variety of detailed soaps recreating many household toys or objects. Click this link for the full tutorial:

If you have questions about  polyurethane and possible applications please contact us.

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