“Gluing” Acrylic

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Acrylic, plastic welding
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We get a lot of requests on acrylic. As a distributor of engineering-grade plastics, acrylic is one of the main products we carry that has use and appeal for the everyday consumer. Most commonly, acrylic is used in various containers or boxes. The question becomes: how does one bond the material together?

The answer reveals an important point about bonding acrylic…You’re not actually gluing anything! Acrylic cement actually “melts” or dissolves the acrylic allowing it to bond as one piece. The process is known as “solvent welding” and as its name might imply – the process is much closer to welding than it is to gluing. That is important! As you do not apply acrylic glue in the same way as cement. You must be more careful and use the proper application technique. For example, if a drop of acrylic solvent is dropped on a surface and wiped…You will mar the surface as the cement has dissolved it. Never do that.

We’ve found a good resource showing you how to bond acrylic. The video shows what to do, what not to do and further explains the information above on how the process is like welding and the various factors you need to take into account to bond the material. So give it a look.


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