Safety and MSDS

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Plastic, Safety
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MSDS_PicYou can scroll down through these blogs and see various cool applications everyday people use engineering plastics for. However, you should be aware of what you’re actually working with and any possible safety concerns. If you put “bonding acrylic” into YouTube you will find several, if not most, of the videos show somebody working with the material without gloves. Because of the solvent you are using (and remember – it is a solvent, not a glue!) gloves should be worn. When machining plastics a mask is often recommended as well.

When we are approached by businesses that want to use our plastics a material’s “MSDS” or material safety data sheet is often requested. The MSDS has easy-to-read information regarding the plastic, safety concerns when working with it and any precautions that need to be taken if you happen to ingest it, get it in your eye, etc. Redwood Plastics has a set of MSDS sheets available for the plastics we carry. Clicking the link below will bring you to our “hub” page where you simply select the plastic you want to learn about and a PDF will load.

We highly recommend you read the MSDS carefully before working with a plastic. For other plastic questions please contact us today:

CDN: 1 800 667 0999
USA: 1 866 733 2684


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