Installing FRP Wall Panels

Posted: March 5, 2013 in FRP Wall Panels
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FRP wall panelingFiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panelling is growing in popularity across the world of home improvement enthusiasts. For a time the material provided industry a low maintenance, corrosion-resistant panelling material. With the growth in the availability of FRP, it is now readily available to the general public. As you consider what might be involved in the project we have some tips for you*


you will require gloves, a hat, goggles, mask. You do not want to breathe this dust in or have it go in your eyes! Remember- fiberglass = fiber with GLASS.

-We recommend you having mineral spirits, water and rags available.

-A carbide-tipped saw is virtually required. FRP is extremely abrasive on your saw blades and they will quickly wear otherwise.


-Leave a 1/4″ gap between panels and the ceiling. Leave a 1/8″ gap between the panels horizontally to allow for temperature/moisture expansion.

-Holes drilled should also be oversized by 1/8″ to allow for expansion tolerances.

-Recommend you drill holes around 12″ apart if you are working with standard 4′ x 8′ panels.

-Nylon fasteners work well. They are light and easy to use and can be pounded almost flush with the panelling. And they look good too!

-Between the panels (vertically) apply silicon sealant in the joints and seal with a batten strip.

-Allow 24 hours for curing.

If you have questions on our plastic products please contact us.

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*Disclaimer: the advice provided is not provided by certified builders and provide guidelines, not instructions, on FRP panel installations. Anyone planning on working with the material is advised to do their own research or consult with a certified contractor before pursuing a project.


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