No-Rot Dock

Posted: May 28, 2013 in FRP Grating, greenplus
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Enjoying the waterfront is a popular summer tradition. Time spent boating and enjoying the lake is a part of many pleasant summer memories. The dock, that “staging point”, for this tradition is an important structure and safety concerns should not be overlooked. Many private docks are made of traditional materials such as wood or metal that eventually rot or corrode. This not only means an expensive replacement of the dock but that it could be putting people at risk.

Plastics do not rot, rust or corrode and there are several solutions available. FRP or “Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic”mini-mesh-frp-grating outperforms traditional materials and can be completely immersed in water for its lifespan. FRP have 80% the strength of steel and is an ideal solution for marine applications. Many private and public docks have integrated FRP materials, such as mini-mesh or pultruded grating, and the results prove FRP’s resiliency.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic lumber is a similar material that is well suited to a marine application. The fiberglass reinforcement of the lumber results in a high degree of strength, yet the material looks similar to wood and adds a traditional beauty. Redco™ plastic lumber is available in a variety of colors and multiple board profiles.



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