FRP Adhesive – Don’t Overlook It

Posted: August 14, 2013 in FRP Wall Panels
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Stop and think for a second. Imagine you are considering a project that will use FRP panelling. Now think about what is important to your installation – what comes first to mind?

Color of the sheeting?FAST_GRAB

Embossed or not?

Do you wonder “How do I fasten this?”

What about the adhesive?

That last question is especially important but might not have come first to mind. The adhesive keeps the panel in place and on the wall and incorrect application of the adhesive can ruin your entire project. In addition, the application of the adhesive is not as simple as “apply and hold” like glue. A few tips…

-Ensure the surface you are putting the FRP sheet on is clean, dry with all holes patched (ok, this one is common sense!)

-Allow the FRP to acclimatize for 24 hours to your room temperature before installation

-Apply the adhesive at 50-90 farenheit

-Use a v-notch trowel

Did any of those above come as a surprise? If so you may find this FRP installation guide useful.

Remember, do your research before you start any project!

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