Protecting Fiberglass

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Paint On Coating
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Fiberglass reinforced plastic has many applications from architectural systems to boats. Certain fiberglass brands have better UV protection than others but all will benefit from a coating of industrial coatings, what we will call “paint” for the rest of this article. The three in question are polyester, polyurethane and epoxy based paints. The components of either paint are volatile organic compounds, polymers and pigments. The volatile compounds is the liquid part of the paint, meant to cover the surface and then evaporate leaving the polymers and pigments. The polymers bind the pigment to the substrate. It is the pigment itself that offers the UV protection in these coatings.

Preparation is essential. The surface being painted must be clean without moisture or oils. Picking the correct paint isStrongrail_2 essential as well. Using polyester on polyester is recommended, as is epoxy for marine applications or those involving extreme temperature variations. Polyurethane paints are a good general purpose paint for non-marine applications.

At the time of application, humidity should be below 60% with a temperature of no more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit or less than 65 Fahrenheit. This ensures the paint dries at the appropriate rate. Painting can be done with a sprayer or using the “roll and tip method.” For more information check out this useful blog entry here*.

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