3D Printing To The Next Level

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Nylon
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3D printing is an emerging technology that is moving into the workshops of an increasing number of ordinary consumers – that means you! There are multiple 3D printing stations available now but one thing they share in common is the use of commodity-plastic such as ABS or sometimes PLA. While these plastics melt at a low temperature and can form colorful toys and trinkets, it’s difficult to fabricate any sort of useful part out of them because of their poor properties compared to engineering and high-performance plastics.

Recently; however, some 3D printing enthusiasts have started experimenting with engineering plastics such as nylon 6, acetal or polycarbonate. While these plastics are more difficult to “print” with at the moment, the potential of these materials will soon allow for functional and robust parts to be manufactured at home. After all – was that not the initial dream of 3D printing? To create objects that are both attractive and functional. To view the full blog post click here.


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