PVC Ladder Golf

Posted: April 9, 2014 in PVC
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As North America’s winter slowly releases its grip…It is at last time to start thinking about potential outdoor activities for this year. And for a game that is both simple and fun, why not try Ladder Golf?

Each player has bolus (is boli the plural?) which is a rope apparatus with a ball on each end.When thrown the bolus tumbles and catches readily on pipe. The goal in ladder golf is to throw your bolus onto a pipe frame with three teirs. You can assign points to each tier. PVC_Ladder_Golf

Besides being a simplistic game, the frame (you only need one!) is very easy to fabricate. Essentially, you just need PVC tube and joints. Instructions to make the frame are readily available from sites such as Pinterest but we found one which was so simple that it required only 1/2″ PVC tube and joints. That’s it! Besides any tool you might need to cut the pipe. You may also wish to spray paint the horizontal bars for looks and to ascribe points to a certain color. In the U.S. a “patriotic” combination of red, white and blue seems to be especially popular.

Click here to be linked right to the blog for a list of materials and instructions.


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