Jetting with UHMW

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Boat Building, UHMW
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One UHMW application that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of UHMW sheet for jet boat applications. UHMW sheet, usually the UV-stabilized reprocessed black, is affixed to the hull to protect the boat and prevent damage for boating in shallow waters. When you think of it, anything from logs to protruding metal could be a hazard. UHMW is an excellent choice because it absorbs no moisture, is easy to work with, and has a very low coefficient of friction. A sheet will cost you a few hundred dollars; however, the performance and protection your boat recieves is well worth the cost. Think this is your type of challenge? There are many online resources for “diy” jet boat builders. Take a look at a few we found in a quick online search*:

*Redwood Plastics has not verified any of the information available on any of the resources/websites provided. We take no responsibility for any damage or injury resulting from working on an application using the information in those resources. They are provided for our reader’s interest only.


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