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Posted: July 9, 2014 in HDPE
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One underrated plastic for use by “do-it-yourselfers” is HDPE (high-density-polyethylene) puckboard. Puckboard is an economy-grade plastic sheet that is excellent for a number of projects. Puckboard is durable and aptly named, as it is the material used in ice hockey rinks. It can take impact from everyday life such as body contact and its smooth surface means the material is easy to clean. You will often see it installed in farms providing a low-maintenance wall covering. You may also see it used as a covering to protect walls from dogs in various kennels. The two colors you will most commonly available are white and black.

The material is easily fabricated using household tools. When cutting, a saw with high RPMs works best, most commonly a jigsaw – at least that seems to be the anecdotal consensus online. Table saws also run at high RPMs and as long as you have proper support for the sheets, they will cut accurately. It is common when cutting plastics for the edge to melt a little due to friction so keeping some medium to heavy grit sandpaper on hand to smooth the edges and to deburr, is a good idea.


Livestock pen in Alberta

Affixation to a wall or substrate should be done mechanically – meaning use bolts or screws. Polyethylene does not “glue” or work well with adhesives, and a 4′ x 8′ x 1/8″ sheet, even that thin, is still 40 lbs. When you do drill your holes, oversize them by 1/8″ to account for thermal expansion. Another thing to keep in mind is that white puckboard is not always UV-stable. Any reputable distributor you contact can tell you if theirs is or not. If not UV-protected, it will degrade in outdoor applications but may provide a short-term fix for a few years as long as occasional replacement is not an issue in the application.

Finally, let’s face it – when you’re working on a home project budget is a concern and industrial plastics can be pricey. But it is common to find full 4′ x 8′ puckboard sheets for less than $100.00 each even in remote areas. Distributors often keep it stocked due to its popularity, so the long lead times associated with other industrial plastics, is usually not a concern.

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