UHMW Plow and Blower Blades

Posted: October 6, 2014 in UHMW
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“I told you to plow the driveway not destroy it!”

Not something you want to hear. In many parts of North America the brutal winters means a brisk business for snow plow and snow blowers both equipment and entrepreneurs looking to cash in clearing some of the fluffy white stuff. Often the equipment comes with a metal plow blade on the front. This can damage or mark the pavement you’re clearing and eventually the metal will wear. An increasingly popular solution is taking a UHMW polyethylene strip and attaching it to the metal plow. The UHMW is very strong and wear-resistant but will not damage the pavement. Snow slides off it easily and the material has a low coefficient of friction. Known as a “cryogenic plastic” UHMW’s properties actually increase in the cold, meaning the colder it is outside, the better the UHMW will perform. Reprocessed-black UHMW is most commonly used but virgin-white will do fine.

What you do is measure a the length and width you need, a long thin rectangular block will work just fine. You don’t want to go too thin with the material or else it will wear quickly and not do well on pullbacks. 1.5″ thick seems to be an accepted standard with 72″ length being the most common we could find. Seeing as UHMW comes in 10′ long sheets, any size up to 120″ is possible. One important note is to do the drilling and installing on site. UHMW will expand and contract due to temperature and while it might be easier to get your distributor to drills the holes you risk the very real possibility that the holes won’t match up to your metal part when you do the install – you have been warned!

In summary, UHMW plow and blower blades are an excellent do-it-yourself application if you have a snow plow or blower. So take a bite out of the snow this winter – but not your pavement!






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