UHMW Toboggan Super Sled

Posted: December 2, 2014 in UHMW
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It’s winter and it’s cold through much of North America. But if you can’t beat the deep freeze you might as well have fun with it, right?

One of the most fun – and easiest – industrial plastic projects you can work on for winter is a UHMW toboggan. Snowmobiles and dog sledders know well the benefits of UHMW polyethylene for sled tracks. UHMW is economical compared to other industrial plastics and has a very low coefficient of friction combined with no water absorption. In short, it will make your sled glide smoothly over the snow and ice. In fact, UHMW is a cryogenic plastic meaning that its properties actually improve in cold temperatures. But while sledders bolt UHMW rails to the bottom of their metal rails an entire toboggan can actually be made out of UHMW.

It’s simple too, information is widely available on the internet. Essentially you need a sheet of UHMW (natural-white seems to be used the most) about 12″ x 120″ long and 1/4″ thick. This will set you back about $90.00. Next, you need some rope and some 1-2″ wide x 12″ long wood (to be orientated as spars across the UHMW strip) and finally, some flat ended bolts. You tap the wood for the bolts, affixing theme to that the head of the bolts touches the snow (there will be less friction that way). The rope is particularly important to bend the front of the toboggan to produce that signature curl…And that’s pretty much it. You just need some snow and you’re on your way!

Information, tips and instructions are widely available on the internet but here are a few pictures of how a successful design should look:


















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