The Polycarbonate Boomerang

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Polycarbonate
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We recently came across the website of a creative fellow, Dave Hendricks, from Allentown, PA who manufactures boomerangs. Wood probably comes first to mind when you think of a boomerang but these are a little more hardcore. Polycarbonate plastic machines better than acrylic (less cracking) and it has tremendous impact resistance making it an excellent choice for a tool like this. Admittedly, this is a little bit of an advanced project where you’ll not only need a router but also knowledge or blueprints of how to make a functioning boomerang but it can be done. Some tips on the routering a boomerang can be found here.

Furthermore, you should know that polycarbonate boomerangs will require intermediate skills to throw well. They require better technique, more spin and more power than their wooden counterparts. While this project might be a little obscure it sounds like a lot of fun for the “do-it-yourselfer” looking for a challenge.

You can find out more about these boomerangs at David Hendrick’s website:



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