DIY HDPE Plastic Repair Lifehack

Posted: February 4, 2015 in HDPE
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We recently found a video on Youtube, and while we can’t vouch for how well it would work in your application, it looks to be an ingeniously simple solution that would apply to many applications other “Do-it-yourselfers” would have. In the video, the publisher needs to fix a hole in his HDPE jet boat (we’re betting this is a fairly common problem).

The video creator’s solution is to take a knife and shave some HDPE from an area under some molding, where it wouldn’t be noticed, then take a regular soldering iron to melt that plastic into the hole. He then takes a blow torch and brushes the surrounding area, which softens it, and allows him to then take 40 grit sandpaper: blending the patch in with the hole. The benefit of this approach is obvious: the plastic and color will be a match and only simple tools are required. In essence, you are grating plastic akin to a skin graft operation. Also, you don’t need to purchase additional plastic to create the patch.

If this idea interests you, check out the video right here:



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