Nylon & Tuffkast Bushings

Posted: July 20, 2015 in Nylon
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Believe it or not one of the most popular “DIY” plastic projects is making bushings. It makes sense as bushings are a part of so many applications and plastics are an excellent bushing material, outperforming metals such as bronze and babbit in many situations. Plastics are easy to machine and usually last much longer than metal in a bushing application. Cast nylon is probably the most popular material for bushings, as it can take loads up to 4,000PSI and is readily available in filled grades to increase wear resistance and low RPM performance (moly-filled nylons) and reduced coefficient of friction or reduced lubrication requirements (oil-filled nylons). Nylon does have three weaknesses: shock/impact, cold, and water. If impact may occur to the bushing, if it’s in an environment -10 degrees Celsius or below, or in a wet (or marine) operational environment then Redco Tuffkast by Redwood Plastics may be an ideal solution for all three problems. It is a bit softer and can handle a little less load but in many DIY applications this will not matter.

Redwood Plastics offers a handy bearing machining guide that not only supplies typical running clearances but gives an honest comparison between nylon and other bearing materials. You can find the PDF Bearing Machining Guide here.



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