Custom Cutting Board For Outdoor Kitchens

Posted: September 30, 2015 in UHMW
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Outdoor living areas are one of the biggest trends in home improvement these days. This almost always includes an outdoor cooking component such as a BBQ or even a full kitchen. One incredibly simple plastic application you can work on if you’re designing your outdoor living space is a big, quality cooking board. Not talking about a store bought cooking board – but one you can design and install yourself! All you really need is natural UHMW polyethylene. This is a widely-available FDA/CFIA approved plastic for food contact and is used as a cutting surface (among many other applications) at large scale food processors. Ever wonder what they were using? Now you know! The nice thing about a custom cooking board is that you get to have it in almost any size you want. Much larger sizes than you would find at a store.

The standard sheet size for UHMW is 4′ x 10′ but most distributors would gladly supply an offcut or cut whatever size piece you need and sell it by the square foot. In our experience 3/4″ thick material is ideal but 1/2″ would do in a pinch. Ensure the surface the UHMW is going to be affixed to is smooth and clean. Drilling in a few screws is all you really need to do – with a well-charged power tool, try to get the head of the screw flush with the surface of the cutting board. This will help cleanup as germs may grow in any recesses, just like any cutting board. For a larger cutting board at 3/4″ thick you can expect your UHMW costs to be around $80-$100. While that is more expensive than a store bought board – it’s a higher quality material (those boards are often made with high-density polyethylene, a lower-grade plastic) you will have more cutting surface and, of course, the satisfaction of knowing it’s your own design!

Now go enjoy that BBQ and the rest of this beautiful summer!

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