IAPD Thermoplastics Rectangle

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Basic Plastic Tips
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Instead of assisting with a specific application today, we wanted to help you out with a single piece of information that really might help you. What if you have a project in mind that you think is suited to plastic but you have no clue where to start? You’re not at the point of selecting a grade of material, you just need to know where to start?  The International Association of Plastic Distributors (IAPD) Thermoplastics Rectangle is a good starting point! Many commonly used plastics are listed on the chart and it is designed to display where a plastic fits in regards to typical properties and cost as well as key characteristics of plastics at each level.

The most important distinction on the chart is between the semi-crystalline and amorphous plastics which split the chart in two. This is because the advantages and drawbacks of each tend to balance out each other. The chart will also give you some idea of price relative to each other. There have been times where a customer has wanted to switch up the plastic her/she is using currently and disappointed with the quotation, “I didn’t think the price would be THAT different!” you hear. Remember that other factors such as whether or not an item is in stock or even the distributor’s buying power with a certain material will affect cost.

We have placed a small thumbnail of the Thermoplastics Rectangle below. To get a downloadable large-sized PDF simply click on the picture.



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