The Bristol Whales Awareness Project

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Cool Projects
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Something a little different here today, no plastic advice or “how-to” information. As you might know, Plastichowto is associated and managed by Redwood Plastics, a North American industrial plastics distribution and fabrication company. Along with the association we’re part of, the International Association of Plastics Distributors, increasing awareness of the environmental and recycling advantages of plastics has been a priority in 2015. The major hurdle we face is the news media too often reports stories of plastics contamination and waste. The tragic part of this is that people only see the negative: plastics in reality are extremely recyclable, take less energy than traditional materials such as metal to manufacture, create less greenhouse gas in their manufacturing and are otherwise very ‘clean’ – if only people were responsible in their disposal. Therefore, we fully support awareness and measures taken to reduce plastic pollution: as long as those measures also point out that plastics can be a clean, green option for product materials. Sadly, that message is very often overlooked.

One awareness project about plastic pollution was the “Bristol Whales” art project in England. The project used locally sourced wicker for the whales and made a “sea” out of plastic bottles. There’s a great Youtube clip on the making of this project you might be interested but watch it with this caveat: all those PET plastic drinking bottles used to make the ocean are fully recyclable, clean, and non-toxic. Is it the plastics’ responsibility to stay out of the ocean, or is it ours to be more responsible with the disposal and recycling of our products?

Food for thought…


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