UHMW Axe Sheath

Posted: December 10, 2015 in UHMW
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We found a simple and smart DIY project recently. The application is using virgin-white UHMW-PE as an axe sheath and the reason for it was that other plastics had become brittle in the cold weather. UHMW-PE is actually known as a “cryogenic” plastic and its properties improve in the cold! In this case, the fabricator “Teepee” simply sliced off an piece of UHMW-PE from a toboggan (another very popular winter UHMW-PE application!) and thermoformed it. If you look closely at the picture below you can tell he folded over a flat piece, using the bolts at the front to close the gap. This application is a very creative use of an industrial plastic that is very well suited for an application. UHMW-PE would be the optimal material in this application with its resistance to wear, cost-effectiveness and, of course, excellent cold weather performance.

To see more pictures and a description of the application click here.



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