Polyurethane Engine Mounts

Posted: February 6, 2017 in polyurethane
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We’re always scouring YouTube for DIY plastic applications and we found an interesting one today. The video is by a DIY mechanic and his problem is that stock engine mounts for his car are really expensive (about $160.00/ for a pair) whereas he can make at home four of them for just $25.00. What we like about this video is that 1.) he does his homework and researched his materials. He knows and engages the audience on the importance of shore (hardness) of the polyurethane. The second part of his application that’s great is that he’s replacing rubber with polyurethane.

Both materials are of the same elastomeric family. However, polyurethane is superior to rubber and is a definite upgrade. As long as the urethane compound is good these engine mounts should outlast and outperform the rubber. There is outgassing from the creation of plastic (and the burning of rubber which could be toxic!) so wearing a mask is a must. We also cannot endorse this particular application since we don’t have experience in it. However, it remains as far as we can tell a well-crafted DIY video from an informed individual who has carefully chosen the plastic for his application and seen excellent results with performance and cost savings. Might be something to look into if you’re a DIY car enthusiast!

You can view the video here:


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