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PVC KidWash

Posted: July 31, 2018 in PVC
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One of the coolest “DIY” projects you can do is make “water park” style homemade attractions using PVC piping. These are really just limited by your imagination! While we’ve seen a lot that are pretty basic, we came across one on YouTube that combines PVC sprinklers with a rotating head but also an innovative use of polyurethane foam pool noodles and sponges for safety and obstacles. While no blueprints are linked in the video, it does show what’s possible with a little effort.

We found an interesting blog that brings up a great point for those of us with a green thumb – in many areas of North America late fall and even winter does not mean the end to the growing season! Lots of cold-hardy vegetables and herbs are available but you do need to make some precautions. Specifically, you need to shelter the plants from heavy frost. What we like about the idea on this blog is that it’s 1.) easy and 2.) fits around your standard rectangular planter bed. You just need some PVC brackets, some 3/4″ OD PVC pipe and a bunch of flexible 1/2″ OD pipe. Over that you can drape some flexible clear plastic. The plastic protects the plants from frost damage and also provides some heat insulation.

You can read the blog in its entirety here.


This is a really neat project with materials available from any hardware store. We found a video of a “do-it-yourselfer” (Alan) in Texas on YouTube who made a simple, yet rugged, sprinkler out of PVC pipe. Really not much is needed here in the way of materials and you likely could get it all in one stop to the hardware store: PVC pipe and caps, a female socket for the hose, the sprinkler, and PVC glue. The nice thing about Alan’s design is that it works better than many traditional sprinklers. You know, the ones that oscillate back and forth with separate streams of water? In this case, the sprinkler seems to even cover 360 degrees of space providing excellent coverage. If it’s an inexpensive build that works better than store bought alternatives, you know you’ve got a good idea on your hands!


“DIY” PVC Karts

Posted: December 31, 2015 in PVC
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We’re always looking up creative ways people use plastics in their home projects and one application we stumbled on was the “PVC Karts”. These are “Go Kart” type vehicles, usually with an electrical or pedal motor, that are made out of a frame of PVC piping. The elaborate designs these inventors can make out of what is essentially just pipe and joiners is awesome! What’s even better is that the DIY community involved in these karts seem so willing to share their information and designs. We found a Youtube video on one such kart that seems to rip along really quick and also a few websites we’ve found that seem to have useful information.

As always when we share information like this we have to put the disclaimer that we are not recommending or endorsing any of these applications. They could be unsafe, so always, do your own research and build at your own risk.

A couple websites:

A Youtube movie:

PVC Truck Tent

Posted: July 25, 2014 in PVC
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Yes – we write about PVC a lot here! The reason for that is that it’s just so accessible, so easy to use and work with as well as affordable. The combination of availability, flexibility and price means PVC applications for the “do-it-yourselfer” are easy to find.

Anyways…It’s summer, officially now. Camping is a favorite past-time of many people but if you have a larger group it can get pretty claustrophobic in those tents. We found this video on YouTube of a guy who made a truck tent for his pickup. He lists the price as $55.00 total…And $20.00 of that was for the mattress! Most of it is just PVC pipe and fittings. The only problem is that at the time of the video they had not tested it with rain yet.

Take a look…You’ll need to skip around to about halfway through the video to see the tent set up:


Our last post on the PVC movie screen had so many views that we had to follow it up with something good. And this one might be even better!

Last time we found a project by a “geek dad” who made a PVC and canvas outdoor movie theater. This time a “cool mom” (Tammy) shows us how to make a water sprinkler out of PVC piping. To us, this seems to be a simple project most kids would love. The really neat thing about this is that you choose the shape of the sprinkler and how and where the sprinkler holes are drilled. Therefore there is no reason other designs could not be adapted for this project – it’s pretty simple to do and not many tools are required. Tammy has plenty of good tips, instructions and pictures on her blog so if you want to know more, you’ll have to check it out here or by clicking on the picture below.


As North America’s winter slowly releases its grip…It is at last time to start thinking about potential outdoor activities for this year. And for a game that is both simple and fun, why not try Ladder Golf?

Each player has bolus (is boli the plural?) which is a rope apparatus with a ball on each end.When thrown the bolus tumbles and catches readily on pipe. The goal in ladder golf is to throw your bolus onto a pipe frame with three teirs. You can assign points to each tier. PVC_Ladder_Golf

Besides being a simplistic game, the frame (you only need one!) is very easy to fabricate. Essentially, you just need PVC tube and joints. Instructions to make the frame are readily available from sites such as Pinterest but we found one which was so simple that it required only 1/2″ PVC tube and joints. That’s it! Besides any tool you might need to cut the pipe. You may also wish to spray paint the horizontal bars for looks and to ascribe points to a certain color. In the U.S. a “patriotic” combination of red, white and blue seems to be especially popular.

Click here to be linked right to the blog for a list of materials and instructions.