DIY Plastic Manufacturing System

Posted: October 31, 2016 in Recycled Products
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We write a lot on this blog about doing things with plastics purchased from distributors – but what if you could create your own plastic at home? We stumbled on an open-sourced recycled plastic manufacturing system called the “Precious Plastic V1.0” and, at least from the video, it looks to be a really neat system. What is interesting is that it combines an extruder, rotational molder, a shredder, and compression molding system. This would allow you to create a wide variety of plastic products because those are three main processes to manufacture virgin plastics. The only system missing is a cell cast mold for sheet but presumably you could make one yourself by laying out the plastic from the extruder in between some metal sheet than compressing it.

The system allows you to recycle old plastic into items you would use. They look…Creative, but anyone who bothers to set up this system likely doesn’t care about the funky colors and look! The best part of all is that the creator of the system wants it to be “open-source” so the information and plans he has are free for you to use. You can find them on his website here.

Here is a quick video of the system in action:


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